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Facing weak Moldova in the friendly match, Italy is basically doing half-time offensive and defensive drills after the opening adaptation stage. Mancini's team can easily play the team's pre-rehearsed tactics and accept the results on their opponents. , The half-time is not over yet, they have a 5-0 lead. In the end, it ended with 6 goals, which is quite beautiful for the Azzurri, reminiscent of their 9-1 victory over Armenia a year ago.

在友谊赛中面对弱小的摩尔多瓦,意大利基本上在适应阶段开始后进行了半场攻防训练。曼奇尼的球队可以轻松地运用球队预先演练的战术,并接受对手的结果。 ,半场时间尚未结束,他们有5-0领先。最后,它以6个目标结束,这对阿祖里(Azzurri)来说是非常美丽的,让人想起一年前他们以9-1击败亚美尼亚的比赛。

For the several Italian internationals who played in this game, this game is also worth remembering. Caputo, who is old and pretty, received the call of the national team for the second time on this game day and finally won in this friendly match. On the chance of the first show, the Sassuolo forward received a straight push from Biraji in the 23rd minute and forced the Moldovan defender Bosmark to take his own goal in the second half of the first half to complete a perfect debut.


Not only did Caputo score the first goal of the national team, but Christiane and Caputo’s club teammate Berardi and other players who don’t get too many opportunities in the national team on weekdays also seized the opportunity of this game to open themselves. The goal account for the Azzurri. Shalawi, who wore the captain's armband in this game, also achieved his first brace for the national team.


Mancini is also experimenting with some new tactical ideas in this campaign. In a sense, his lineup borrowed from Chapman's WM formation, which was concise and effective in oppressing the Moldovan line of defense. Christant and Locat The control provided by Lee in the midfield also facilitated his practice. Of course, the opponent's state and fighting spirit shown in this game are really lacking, especially the low level of threat to the Italian defense, which also reduces the reference value of this game. Poland and the Netherlands, two European League opponents, are Mancini's best touchstones.

曼奇尼还在这次战役中尝试一些新的战术构想。从某种意义上说,他的阵容是从查普曼的WM阵型借来的,该阵型简洁有效地压制了摩尔多瓦的防线。 Christant和Locat Lee在中场的控制也促进了他的练习。当然,这场比赛中确实缺乏对手的状态和战斗精神,尤其是对意大利防守的威胁程度很低,这也降低了这场比赛的参考价值。波兰和荷兰是欧洲联盟的两个对手,是曼奇尼最好的试金石。

In an interview with RAI after the game, Mancini affirmed the mental outlook the team showed in the audience: "The players have a good attitude, and we are also playing in the right way." Berardi scored this game. Although the national team’s first goal has not been played in the major clubs, the strength of Green Beibei is also obvious to all, so the Italian media has always hoped that the representative of this local shooter can get more opportunities in the national team. For his future in the Azzurri, Mancini is also open: "Whether I can take him to the European Cup is up to him. Today he performed well and scored goals, if it keeps like this..." Obviously there is still some expectation for Berardi.

赛后,曼奇尼在接受RAI采访时确认了球队在观众面前的精神面貌:“球员们态度很好,我们也以正确的方式进行比赛。” Berardi得分了这场比赛。尽管国家队的首要目标尚未在主要俱乐部中打过,但格林贝贝的实力对所有人来说也是显而易见的,因此意大利媒体一直希望这位当地射手的代表能够在国家队中获得更多机会。对于他在阿祖里(Azzurri)的未来,曼奇尼也持开放态度:“我能否带他去欧洲杯取决于他。今天他的表现不错,打进了进球,如果能保持这样的水平……”显然,仍然有一些期望为贝拉迪。

Shalawi, who performed well, also accepted an interview after the game and took the opportunity to complain: "The captain's armband brings me endless satisfaction. Tonight, it is clear that people need to know how to wait and keep themselves in a ready state forever. I recently I have been training alone for a month. Today I enjoyed this night very much. I need to play games, but the previous contact with Rome did not have a good result. I also made my own concessions on the salary issue, but for other reasons, in the end Nothing happened."


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